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We help teach children and fund Musical Instruments with every donation made. Thank you for all the support!
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It's a well known fact that creative arts give children a massive amount of confidence. Thats why we love doing what we do!
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Welcome to the IndieGo Collective

"I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few."

William Morris the wonderful poet and artist said that way back in the 19th Century and we at The IndieGo Collective Charity agree with every single amazingly simple and yet beautiful word.

But here we are in November of 2016 over 150 years later and that is exactly what is happening in our schools today, the Government have stopped funding music and the arts so these "luxuries" have now been taken off the school curriculum and only those who can afford the arts will now receive the lessons. 

This comes off the back of recently published studies carried out over the last thirty years by scientists who have been doing some fantastic work plugging into people's brains and watching what happens when we listen and play music. Did you know that just by listening to music you need to use both sides of your brain? Music is linking parts of the brain that you don't ever use for Mathematics and English - or any other subject. When you pick up an instrument and begin to play then the scientists tell us that it is like Blackpool illuminations going on inside your head, sparks are flying everywhere connecting areas never touched by any other school subject. When you begin to compose music it is the greatest massage your head will ever receive, now that's got to be a good thing, right? Connecting parts of the brian in this way is the link to learning and expanding your mind, certainly for children, confidence grows and the ability to focus and study become much easier for all students in all subjects. So why would the Government want to take music and the arts off the school curriculum? It makes no sense..

So where the Government are failing our children's education we at The IndieGo Collective will be doing all we can to help those kids who need our help most. We shall try to fund as many children as we possibly can to have music and arts lessons. We shall start locally but we hope to grow very quickly, we want ALL children to have the chance to experience how it feels to create and be a part of music, drama, and the arts.

We shall fundraise by putting together lots of music, drama, and art performances. And that's where you come in, you can help us by joining in and performing, or by coming along to support us at any of the events we arrange (see IndieGo events page). You can also donate to The IndieGo Collective Charity through our donate button here on this page.

ALL of our children deserve the very best of what we can offer in schools, we owe them at least that much, surely that's why the education system was set up in the first place, wasn't it to give ALL children an equal opportunity to learn? It wasn't and never should be just for the selective few who can afford it, ALL children deserve a chance. Science has told us and proved to us that music and the arts are essential tools for learning, but also for confidence, and then there's all the fun that comes from being creative. Music and the arts brings young people together, and no child should be excluded from that.. So come and join us, help out if you can, if we all just do a little bit together it really does make a massive difference.

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All your contributions mean a great deal to us, especially the children - Thank you ♥

What people say

Geoff Travis

"The IndieGo Collective deserves your support, without art and music we are deprived of the oxygen we need to breathe." Geoff Travis - Rough Trade Records.

Lee Ross

"The IndieGo Collective Charity is as timely as it is vital in these days of austerity. When the government seems more and more hellbent on turning our children into robotic academic minions, the IndieGo Collective screams out to help children achieve their potential in an artistic way, a joyful way, understanding that through music and its participation, children can feel a freedom of expression that can nurture their spirits and sustain them through this increasingly challenging life. I will always support the IndieGo Collective Charity with all my heart. Here's to a future where we all get to feast on the food of love. PLAY ON!!!! - Lee Ross

David Pibworth

"Bringing a bit of sunshine into people's lives can be achieved brilliantly through the arts and I'm very pleased to support the IndieGo Collective charity. David Pibworth." - Actor, Director and Comedy Writer.

Helen McCookerybook

Imagine a world without music; it would be an unhappy place. It's not only listening to music, but also playing it, that brings joy to us all. It is really important that children have the chance to learn how to play musical instruments and to share in something so empowering that communicates across boundaries, nationality, age, ability, gender, genre. I fully support the IndieGo Collective Charity and its aim to provide lessons in the arts for children whose parents are unable to pay for them. What a fantastic idea. - Helen McCookerybook.

Mathew Priest

This is a great idea and we support The IndieGo Collective Charity but it's very sad and frustrating that a charity like this has to exist. We really can't have access to the arts just being to those who can afford it - Mathew Priest, Drummer From Dodgy

The IndieGo Collective Fund

We thank you greatly for your donations.